Our plans are nutritionally designed to suit your specific fitness goals - boost your results with the right macros to support your objectives. What's your goal?


Whether your goal is lean gains, fat loss or balanced eatings… we have a plan to help!

Lose body fat while staying energised with low carb clean meals.

Become stronger and make lean gains with higher calorie meals.

Maintain your physique with a mix of Lean, Green, and Strong dishes.

Far exceeded my expectations

As an entrepreneur who is always on the go I just don’t have time to cook and have been able to taste many different meal prep companies food and fit faster meals by far exceeded my expectations based on quality and quantity of food.



Two words. SO GOOD!

Two words. SO GOOD! I had the “Strong” meal plan and I loved everything it came with, and I like that they have meal plans that cater to your specific fitness goals. Large portion sizes, and there was a great variety of food in the plan! Compared to other meal delivery services I’ve tried, Fit Faster has more exciting flavours and is much more convenient thanks to the already prepared meals with a 3-minute reheat then eat! I recommend Fit Faster to anyone who lives a busy and active lifestyle and who also loves the convenience of a tasty meal that’s ready for you when you get home at the end of the day!



Highly Recommend!

Absolutely loved Fit Faster Meals. I’m always a little hesitant to order from already made meal prep companies but Fit Faster Meals exceeding my expectations. The flavour of each dish I received genuinely tasted like a fresh home cooked meal, the vegetables in each dish were far from bland and to my surprise very enjoyable, and the variety of dishes to chose from made the overall experience pleasant. Highly recommend! Will definitely be seeing some progress on my fitness journey with the help of Fit Faster Meals.



A Great Addition To My Nutrition

As a trainer and advocate for healthy lifestyle, I understand the importance of good nutrition. The meals at FastFitMeals are a great addition to my nutrition. The meals are complete with protein, carbs and contain the essential nutritions I need to get active and fueled to train and be active. I’d highly recommend the meals to my clients.



Meals Are Amazing And So Tasty

I cannot say enough good things about this company! Just wanted to start off by saying their meals are amazing and so tasty. They will be helping so many individuals through their fitness/ health journey. Thank you so much!



This Might Be A Game Changer

This might be a game changer for me…Fit Faster Meals food is super good. I’ve always struggled finding a really good service but this food is delicious. I’ve worked with a trainer before who gave me a meal plan and I’d always feel unsatisfied after my meals or still hungry. I ordered the 10 meal package with Fit Faster Meals and feel totally nourished. Two of these meals per day is definitely within my macronutrient range. Really excited about this!